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Proudly Celebrating 75 Years of Serving Our Customers

Evansville, IN. The history of the company really goes back to when its founder, Jack Ashby, his wife and two nephews decided to renovate an old downtown building they rented on 615 Sycamore Street. What humbly began as a small family-owned, repair shop for automotive brakes, shocks, and clutches, had their “Grand Opening” on April 19, 1947. Now, seventy-five years later the company has grown to 365 team members who manage and operate six heavy equipment powertrain and hydraulic component rebuild centers throughout North America (IN-2, WV-2, WY-1, Alberta-JV) along with several warehouse locations worldwide including Western and Eastern Canada, Australia, and Indonesia.

As Brake Supply has grown over the years, our long-term success has come from our talented, dedicated, and hardworking team members. At the same time, we have seen the value in listening to our customers, understanding their needs, and providing them with an outstanding level of customer service. This unmatched level of service is backed by the highest quality new and remanufactured parts available, while we stay committed to continuous innovation.

The year twenty twenty-two marks our 75th year of proudly serving customers like you – a tremendous milestone – as we are now entering another exciting time of growth and expansion for our company. Our facilities have evolved over the years with improved efficiency and shop capacity as new market opportunities have come into view. We will be celebrating our history all year long so be sure to look for fun facts, photos, and celebrations throughout the year.