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Brake Supply’s hydraulic cylinders are second to none. Each cylinder is carefully disassembled, meticulously inspected and rebuilt to the manufacturer’s specifications in our state-of-the-art facility. We use the latest technology to assist our trained mechanics with assembly and testing to consistently deliver the highest quality cylinders on the market.


We have been rebuilding cylinders since 1967. Today, our mechanics are industry leaders, rebuilding nearly 10,000 cylinders per year.


All cylinders are built to OEM specifications or better.

Our procedure includes:

  • Vertical positioning work tables.
  • Tuxco hydraulic cylinder work stations for disassembly.
  • Filling all cylinders with OEM specified fluid.
  • Thorough inspection and documentation of all cylinders.
  • Dry-mag and wet-mag particle testing for cracks and high component failure areas.
  • Testing chrome thickness.
  • Checking rod straightness.
  • CNC-honing tube inner diameters to specific surface finish requirements.
  • Analyzing chrome and hone surface finish.
  • High-pressure tube washing to remove dust and hone residue.
  • Hydraulic torqueing for adjusting high torque values.
  • Sub-arc welding of Caterpillar and all other high-pressure cylinders.
  • Installing steel closures to retain residual oil and keep contaminants out.
  • Computerized pressure and stroke testing of all rebuilt cylinders with printed results.
  • Checking precision measuring tools daily against manufacturer’s standards.
  • Calibrating standards annually.
    • Traceable through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).