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Brakes & Clutches

Brakes & Clutches

Brake Supply’s extensive inventory stocks the parts you need for a top-quality repair of your equipment’s braking system. Friction materials, brake bands, plates, discs, lining and custom applications are just a few of the items we offer.

We also offer a wide variety of wet brake services. With assemblies in stock, our exchange program keeps your business running and your repair costs low. Whether you use our remanufactured complete wet brake assemblies or choose to rebuild your own wet brakes with our wet brake seals and rebuild kits, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality components.

Friction Discs:
The friction material we use is formulated and compressed to state-of-the-art specifications. The steel carrier is manufactured in flat sheets to avoid the warping that is common in rolled steel stock. Starting the process with flatter steel allows us to maintain closer tolerances.

After the friction material is bonded and cured, it is surface ground to hold the tightest tolerances and to introduce the proper surface porosity, which is designed to give maximum performance. Many manufacturers do not take this step, and their products have a slick surface tension (similar to a glazed lining) that inhibits the transfer of oil and heat.

The disc grooves are created with diamond tooling for sharp, consistent channels, and are arranged for maximum oil flow. The outer edges are chamfered to reduce the risk of damage to materials during handling. No other aftermarket supplier offers this world-class design.

Steel Plates:
We use top-end steel to guarantee that you are receiving the highest quality product available. This steel is best suited for allowing even heat dissipation, with the ability to transfer high torque loads without warping or deforming.

The cork composite material used in our dampers is the same second-generation material used by the OEM and is purchased from the same source. The damper material is infused with the same Caterpillar approved additive that enhances the overall life of the material. The cork is cut into equal arced segments and undergoes a bond and compression process that assures the desired durometer hardness and even distribution of density.