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Brake Supply Announces New High Performance Hydraulic Pump & Motor Test Stand

Brake Supply recently invested 1.2 million dollars in a new hydraulic pump and motor test stand. Designed from the ground up by A&A Custom Automation and a host of Brake Supply team members, this project is more than 2 years in the making.

In March of 2013 Brake Supply started looking into upgrading their hydraulic pump and motor testing equipment after several failures in the field. Realizing that they did not have the capability to test these pumps and motors sufficiently, they enlisted A&A to help with the design and fabrication of a new test stand. After many meetings and consultations, Brake Supply had a formal quote from A&A to fabricate a new state-of-the-art test stand.

Brake Supply is replacing a closed loop test bench that was built in the early 1980’s for testing of hydro-static transmission pumps. This bench was built to test only specific units utilized during that time period. It has been modified slightly over the years to accommodate open-loop circuitry but it is limited to one loop.

Highlights of the new test stand include:

  • Soft starting capability
  • Higher Pressures Higher RPM/HP/Flows up to 6000 psi
  • Taylor DH23 water cooled Dynamometer with Pump Drive speed and torque monitoring
  • Digital gauging
  • Spill Containment
  • Vibration Monitoring System (NVH)
  • Data collection system and software compatible with Windows 7
  • Oil Resistant touch screen display
  • 1 micron kidney loop filtration system, capable of running 24/7
  • Heat exchanger for flow capacity (200 gpm)
  • System designed for 10W hydraulic oil
  • 500 gallon reservoir with heater and low level indicator and shut off switch
  • 350 horsepower @ 1800 RPM motor with variable frequency drive for 0-2500 rpm
  • Complete documentation of test results for the customer

Brake Supply has already had several customers in to see the new test stand and is excited about showing it off even more in the near future. The old test bench will be utilized to upgrade testing capabilities at one of their other branches.

Special thanks to Rusty Whitaker, Scott Freudenberg, Dave White, Ron Sandefur, and Scott Francis for all the hours put into designing the new test stand!