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AIG New Website/Branding

AIG Safety (dba Access Innovations Global LP) has officially launched its new image and website. 

The company will now go under the name “AIG Safety”. 


The new website has been launched and will include photos of specialized ladders, platforms and direct replacement steps for mining, construction and fixed plant operations. 

Please visit


“We have always had products for the mining and aggregate sectors, but with now having products to serve the construction industry, fixed plant and then ultimately into other heavy equipment industries, we needed to strategically place our brand, our image so that people can remember us and also it is more advantageous for our incredible distributors around the world.” Remarks Bobby Lanyon, CEO of AIG Safety. 


AIG Safety moved its manufacturing and headquarters to the USA from Australia in 2017 so that it could provide a quicker supply to the world mining market. The company is now based in the Orefield, Pennsylvania from where it manufactures, assembles and ships.


AIG Safety products are available in the USA through Brake Supply. 

AIG Safety products are MADE IN THE USA. 


For more information, please contact AIG Safety directly at