Shaw Development

Brake Supply is now partnering with Shaw Development, a global supplier of fluid management components and systems.  Shaw Development is a supplier to the OEM marketplace, specializing in fluid systems and components, supporting fuel, hydraulic and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) application requirements.  Download their 2013 product catalog.

Advantages of Shaw Development fluid transfer components and systems:

Safety…  Shaw Development components give you ground level fluid transfer capability.  No more climbing up on ladders or equipment.

Efficiency…. With Shaw Development components, you CANNOT overfill your system.  No more time and money wasted.  You keep your fuel in the tank and not on the ground.

Environmentally friendly ….  Since you can’t overfill your system, costly spill cleanups are a thing of the past.

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Start saving time and money today with OEM quality Shaw Development fluid management components and systems from Brake Supply.